Society + Boy = Uneasy Momma

I have an 12 year old son. I know he is not perfect. He smells like boy, his hair is a bit  off at times, and he has a tendency to practice his beatboxing skilz right in my ear. I am all for artistic expression, but when I get spat on, you really need to quit.

Smells and all, he is mine. My oldest child. My only son. He is a very good son at that. He rarely argues, he is an amazing big brother, he still kisses his mom and dad goodnight, and he shows public displays of affection towards us. It melts my heart every time. I am watching him grow into this amazing young man right before my eyes, but there is this little gnat around him right now.

Society is trying to take this boy and turn him into a man before he is ready. It is taking adult situations and placing them right in front of his naive eyes and expecting him to interpret the scenario with maturity. Well, he cannot do that. He is 12, and he is still a boy. He is immature.

Now I know some situations are just going to happen. He is in the room when something comes on TV, a decent show with an indecent commercial. It happens. But come on. I just get so tired of the magazine covers, the billboards, Axe Labels, text messages, even the kid  shows. It is all just firing me up as a mother. It is hard enough raising children, I do not need my society battling against me.

See, I have this goal as a mother. I know, it is a crazy goal. I want   my son to treat  his wife like I am treated by my husband. I want to show him how a wife should love her husband. He should learn from us how to love his children the way we love him. I want him to view his marriage as the priority. Not to give up when it gets hard, to fight for what he believes is right. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. He is not seeing that out there  and he needs to learn.

I want this little chubby cheeked boy again, yet I cannot wait to see the man he becomes. I am so proud of him, more than I could ever express on screen. He brings me so much joy to my life I could just explode with pride. Maybe I will write a post about how awesome he is sometime. Maybe show you those chubby cheeks I love so much:) But today I woke up being a concerned mom.

So what about you?

What scares you as a parent?

How do you adjust to the pressures your children face?

I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Mariah, I completely relate to every word in this article. These are hard to write, I know. Thanks for posting and letting other moms know they are not alone when wanting their babies to be well, babies forever.
    I am constantly worried as well of how society is going to impact our kiddos, no matter what we do as parents.

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