Things My Mother Taught Me

I love my girls. They are wonderful daughters, sweet to each other {at least they are as I write this post} and I hope one day they will be amazing wives and mothers.

I have learned so much from my own mother. Some people have their moms for decades, I had mine for 18 years. In that 18 years she taught me more than some teach their children in a lifetime. I was thinking of a few this weekend {or, you know, 20-ish} ¦

  • To appreciate old  movies. I love Alfred Hitchcock because of her and know Rear Window by heart.
  • If there is only a wall in front of you, make your own door.
  • Do not neglect your neck! You do not want to have a young face and have an old looking neck. {Never understood that one til recently}
  • Think someone else has greener grass? Maybe you should just water yours more often.
  • A gallon of tea should always have two cups of sugar!
  • Hand me downs are still clothes.
  • Everyone needs to see The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape, and the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at least 20 times in their life!
  • How to illegally tape VHS to VHS:) {I ™m a child of the 70?s-80?s so please do not turn me in}
  • When {not if} you fall off your bike, cry if you need to, but dust off and get back on it.
  • Being handicapped is not shameful. It gives you more of an opportunity to get people's attention so you can share your story.
  • How to cook and always taste your food before you plate it!
  • How to be sarcastic:) {THIS one I do quite well:)}
  • How to sew, cross stitch, paint, and draw.
  • Humility. {I should clarify. I learned HOW to be humble. Honestly, I don't always practice it}
  • The person running the show may be more important than the person in the spotlight.

How about you?

What did your mother, aunt, or grandmother teach you about life that you use to this day?

I would love to read them!

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