Writing about the pandemic in my stuck-at-home journal has been such an effective way to pass the time during lockdown, that summer break snuck up on me!

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Break
Sisters enjoying their pool during summer break.

Recording the Highlights of Summer Break in my Stuck-at-Home Journal

It happened.

Officially summer vacation for all the kids!

On the first day, I had planned on sleeping in, having a late breakfast, and then chillin’ with the kiddos. That is, until the oldest, who is 21, texted me at midnight letting me know he left his car keys here after I had already driven him back to his grandparents’ house. He needed them to be able to get to work.

So much for a relaxing morning! Instead, I found myself getting the 5 and 9-year-old up earlier than they planned and embarking on a little road trip. Not that the drive was super long, but it was long enough for me to learn something.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Break
Mom wearing a captain hat, teaching daughter about the ocean.

A Summer Like No Other…

The teacher hat had been replaced by a cruise director hat!!!

Why you ask?

Because on the short ride I was asked approximately 475 times what we are doing this summer.

Amusement park? No.

Beach trip? No.

Baseball games? No.

Zoo? No.

School camps? No.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Break
Little girl blowing bubbles or a fun summer activity during the pandemic.

Pandemic Summer Activities for Kids

So… how am I going to keep them busy and keep my sanity for the next 12 weeks?

All I can picture is a cruise director listing activities and keeping the menu board updated.

First up. Glitter pops.

My kiddos love to make ice pops. They get to pick the flavor and now you can add edible glitter and they will sparkle in the sunshine!!!

Come to think about it, I think we may add it to our syrup for snow cones too!

First on the cruise board of activities: bubbles outside and a board game inside.

Tomorrow, I think I will take some flour outside and make a checkers board on the grass. Let it be Barbies against Dinosaurs. The winner gets to pick the movie for the night, to be shown on the lower deck (a.k.a the basement).

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Break
Family taking a summertime walk to watch the sun set.

Creating Summer Memories with Your Family

The thought of keeping this up for 12 weeks is already bringing back that left eye twitch. I will be enlisting the help of grandparents for sleepovers. Thankfully, they both have a pool, so I will not have to twist the kids’ arms to go.

Fellow parents and caregivers, we can do this. This summer may not be filled with the same camp and sport memories, but it can be fun. I am not sure if I am trying to convince you or me. Either way, we are all in it together!

Stay tuned to see what works and what fails for my family’s pandemic summer!

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Summer Break
Brother and sister decorating their window with a rainbow to cheer everyone up during the pandemic.

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home On Lockdown

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