I never pictured writing about a pandemic dental emergency in my stuck-at-home journal! 

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Dental Emergency
Woman gets her teeth checked due to a dental emergency during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown is Great Timing for a Dental Emergency!

I hope your weather is lovely today.

Ours here in Texas is the kinda weather that makes you want to find a mountain top and spin around while singing…except we have to drive to Colorado to find a mountain top.

But even without a mountain top, the sun is shining and the breeze has just the perfect amount of breezy-ness.

It is the absolutely most perfect day for a root canal.


Yep, I am so very thankful that my dentist is coming out of lockdown to perform something that can’t be put off any longer.

And I am one of the world’s largest procrastinators.

But I have the world’s best dentist which is proven by the fact that he will come to the office EVEN IN A PANDEMIC for me.

This isn’t the first time he has gone above and beyond…here is the story from 2008 that I wrote why Holly’s Dentist is Better than Your Dentist

If you have ever been dumped by a babysitter, you will feel better after reading that story.

Honorable mention to Katie Miller, who was the final babysitter, and now has amazingly adorable children herself.

Young boy participating in online education during quarantine.

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home on Lockdown

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