Words That Start With the Letter Y

Understanding of the Letter Y can be aided by helping your children find relatable words that start with the Letter Y.

Learning letters should be fun and interesting in order to be effective. That means taking every opportunity that presents itself to make the Letter Y something your child can recognize in their daily life.

Words that start with the letter Y like yak

Y is for…


You are valued and you are important. Your hard work will create change and opportunity. 

Yes, the world is a scary and overwhelming place, for any mom. Whatever brought you to this blog, you were searching for ways to improve your child’s life and that is so crucial. The desire to be a wonderful mom and to raise an incredible little individual is the first step towards attaining it. That desire is found inside you, along with the strength to make it happen. 

I believe in you.

I know, these aren’t really a list of words that start with the Letter Y. It’s important to take a moment of pause and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. 

I did find a list that can guide you to fun and important values. You can consider any of the ones that your gut tells you is important, right now. Your child’s development is in your capable hands.

Animals that start with the letter Y:

For many, a lesson on words that start with the Letter Y would include the basics: dog, duck, deer, dolphin.

In the spirit of being daring and diverse in our deliberation, I scoured the globe.

My kids love to learn all of the interesting animal facts that they can get their hands on. The weirder, the better! They made the most priceless faces when I told them about a pink dolphin that lives in the Amazon River!

  1. YAK

    • The yak is a long-haired bovine, or cow like animal. They are found across much of Asia, especially in the Himalayas. Most Yaks are domestic, which means they live on farms run by people. There are a few wild Yak but there aren’t many left and are in danger of extinction. All Yaks have long, thick hair to keep them warm in the cold places they live. Wild yaks can be black or brown. Some domestic yaks are white. All kinds of yaks have horns.

    • Yellow jackets are social insects that live in nests or colonies with up to 4,000 workers. These flying insects typically have a yellow and black head/face and patterned abdomen. Many say that the pattern resembles stripes. Yellow jackets eat spiders and insects. They will also feed on human food, especially meats and sweets. Unlike bees, wasps do not make honey or store food. Yellow jackets like to be where humans live. They usually build their nests underground, around garbage and in cool, dark spaces. They also build nests in trees, shrubs and in holes in walls. Most yellow jacket colonies only remain active for one year. Then the queen flies off to start a new colony.
      • If you think you’ve found a Yellow Jacket nest, wait until night time to destroy it. That is when the little monsters are all at home and asleep. I’ve found a really great guide to Yellow Jacket removal, if you need more help! 

    • With an extremely opportunistic lifestyle, baboons have been able to fill a tremendous number of different ecological niches, including places considered adverse to other animals such as regions taken over by human settlement. Thus, they are one of the most successful African primates and are not listed as threatened or endangered. However, the same behavioral adaptations that make them so successful also cause them to be considered pests by humans in many areas. Baboons have complex social structures with anywhere from 8 to 200 individuals per troop. When traveling as a group, males will lead; females and young stay safe in the middle and less dominant males bring up the rear. With canines up to two inches long, adult males will take on just about any small predators. A lone male is able to intimidate and chase away an animal as large as a jackal. In fact, larger cats such as leopards are the only main predatorial threat (other than humans) and fierce dominant males will still gang up and harass such intruders until they retreat.

    • Native to South and some of Central America is this beautiful bird of prey. Unlike the falcons in the same family, the caracara is not a fast-flying aerial hunter, but is rather sluggish and often obtains food by scavenging. It is broad-winged and long-tailed. The adult has a tan head, with a black streak behind the eye that almost looks like makeup. The upper plumage is brown with distinctive pale patches on the flight feathers of the wings, and the tail is barred cream and brown.

The world is a wonderfully fascinating place. Delightful, dazzling, diverse – Animals that start with the letter Y are just one small part of our adventure.

Check out these awesome coloring sheets for each animal that start with the letter Y!

Places starting with the letter Y:

Our journey around the planet brings us to some fascinating places that start with the letter Y.

I chose two national parks, because “Y” not? National parks are a great resource for education. 

  1. Yosemite National Park

    • Spanning over a million square miles of Northern California is this absolute gem. Yosemite is internationally recognized for its waterfalls, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and biological diversity. Almost 95% of the park is designated wilderness. Yosemite was central to the development of the national park idea. On average, about 4 million people visit Yosemite each year, and most spend the majority of their time in the seven square miles of Yosemite Valley.
  2. Yellowstone National Park

    • Created on March 1, 1872 when United States President Grant signed a law to create it, Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park. Yellowstone National Park is famous for its geysers and hot springs. The park contains about half the world’s geysers, including Old Faithful. Yellowstone has had many tourists. This is mostly because of the natural beauty of the Yellowstone park. Millions of people come to see it each and every year.
  3. Yugoslavia

    • This region in southeastern Europe was originally meant to be a home for a Southern Slavic group. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was born in 1918. Due to an inability to unify it’s people, Yugoslavia was quickly taken over when World War II broke out. Both Germany and Italy managed to take control when the royal family escaped. Even after it was freed, it faced a long period of political upheaval. Yugoslavia never worked out, fighting frequently, and falling apart in 2003. It’s land has now been claimed by Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, and other countries.

Food that starts with the letter Y:

Y is for Yogurt 

This calcium-rich product is high in protein and vitamins! 

Our guts are incredibly benefitted by yogurt! It is full of good bacteria that stimulates gut health. 

You want to get yogurt with live and active cultures to get maximum benefits.

  • Yogurt is a yummy, healthy food that kids and moms can agree on! These 5 Yogurt Recipes Kids Will Love are easy to make–especially with your favorite kitchen helper! 
  • Do your kids LOVE ice-cream popsicles? I know mine really enjoy their frozen treats. Try these DIY Yogurt Pops to make their favorite snack a little healthier.
  • Is your family always eating breakfast on-the-go? These Yogurt Banana Popsicles will make your mornings so much easier!
  • Brighten up your oatmeal with these Oatmeal Yogurt Cups! These cups combine the health benefits of yogurt, the sweetness of honey and the cravable crunch of oatmeal!

What is your favorite word that starts with the letter Y? Let us know in the comments, below!

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