Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Exhaustion is Real

There is no exhaustion like pandemic exhaustion. I’ve been thinking about that a lot while writing in my stuck-at-home journal this week.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Exhaustion is Real
Tired mom working and entertaining child during quarantine.

Why is Doing Nothing so Exhausting?

It was what was running through my head last Sunday as I exhibited potato status on my couch.

I had just binge watched the first 10 episodes of House from 2005.

I can feel your judgement…and I am at peace with it.

Living a life during a pandemic isn’t something that anyone wrote a manual for. Hopefully the manuals written by smarter people than me during this one won’t be needed in the future.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Exhaustion is Real
Stressed and tired mom trying to work, homeschool, and keep her kids busy during quarantine.

The devastation to “normal” is immense. <–and that doesn’t even count the actual virus.

Even without being sick, we are in survival mode.

Has everyone eaten?
Do we have toilet paper?
Are you feeling OK?

Taking a little vacation from survival mode is absolutely allowed.

It is encouraged.

In retrospect, I might recommend something a little less “medical” for your pandemic vacation than House, but fitting in a little time for nothing helps us recognize the invisible weight that has been placed on us all by a tiny virus.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Exhaustion is Real
Cute black and white french bulldog walking on beach during sunset.

Today’s picture was taken last night. Panda and I walked to our “beach” on Lake Grapevine and hung out to watch the sun go down. There were a handful of big sailboats crossing the lake in the breeze. It was a lovely evening to take a deep breath.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Pandemic Exhaustion is Real
Mother helping son with schoolwork, homeschooling during quarantine.

Fun Things To Do While You’re Stuck at Home

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