A Former NASA Engineer Built A Ninja Warrior Course for Squirrels and I Love It

When former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober grew tired of squirrels breaking into his supposed “squirrel proof” bird feeders, he decided to do something about it. After all, he had some time to spare during his time in lock down.

Mark Rober squirrel obstacle course
Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober designed a pretty cool Ninja Warrior style obstacle course for squirrels. / Screenshot: YouTube

He built an elaborate Ninja Warrior obstacle course for the squirrels. Because, why not? The result is totally entertaining and worth watching.

What Happens When a NASA Engineer Builds a Ninja Warrior Course for Squirrels

After a month of prep work, Rober created eight obstacles that he thought would, for sure, present some challenges to his backyard squirrels. The obstacles featured things like rope bridges, distractions, pitchfork tumblers, and more.

Rober also added a “tourist trap” for the squirrels near the end of the obstacle course. Pure genius!

But Rober quickly realized that he had underestimated the athleticism and persistence of the squirrels. Within days the squirrels managed to figure out the entire obstacle course and they won the grand prize: a huge pile of walnuts.

Screenshot YouTube

(Prior to finishing his squirrel obstacle course, Rober even tested what nuts the squirrels would like best by offering a buffet).

Rober’s YouTube video shows all of this, and he explains just how sneaky and creative the squirrels are. It’s pure entertainment… but also pretty educational, as Rober works in some physics lessons into his entertaining video too.

For one: the explanation of how the squirrel navigates flying through the air after being launched by a catapult? It’s fascinating, and kids are definitely going to get a kick out of this engineering feat.

After letting the squirrels run wild on the Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course for a week, he took it all down. But he did add a nice squirrel picnic bench for them to enjoy too. After all, he made some new squirrel friends during the process.

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