Writing in my quarantine journal allows me to record family memories during the pandemic, but it also helps me process all my emotions during lockdown.

Quarantine Journal: End of Year Mixed Feelings
End of school year, little boy having a zoom class during quarantine.

Documenting End of Year Mixed Feelings in My Quarantine Journal

Is this seriously how teachers feel every year of their lives? Do they get warned in college that this is what they are signing up for for the rest of their working lives? Just waiting. Holding their breath until that final bell on the last day of school.

Normally, I dread the end of school. There, I said it. I love my kids, the pool, and when they get to spend time with their friends. But, I also love my own freedom. After working outside of the home for the previous 18 or so years, I like having the house to myself, and coming and going as I please during the day. Actually having a small corner of the world to listen to my music in, and not being yelled at because I interrupted another TikTok video in the making.

But, this year, the normal routine was turned on its head. My corner was taken from me, transformed into a den of disaster. Laptops, tablets, and cords everywhere. Art, music, and gym class consumed my living room.

Quarantine Journal: End of Year Mixed Feelings
Cute little girl, enjoying the sun, pool side, while socially distancing.

Summer Break: Quarantine Style 

I can’t wait to be able to let them sleep as long as they want, play their games, sleep in the living room, and let them just be kids. I know they won’t be going to the park or having huge birthday celebrations, but they also won’t be up my backside every few moments asking about a project or how many more minutes of virtual studying they have to log.

Everyone else is talking about feeling isolated and how they need more socialization, and here I am wondering when can I be alone again!

Do teachers go into hibernation over the summer? Only peeking out to get in the pool with a cocktail? Do they only RSVP to invites that state it is an adults only event?

That would so be me if I were a teacher. Assuming I would survive more than one year.

30 pint-sized nose pickers with innocent faces but that high pitched whiny voice all day long?

No. Just no.

Quarantine Journal: End of Year Mixed Feelings
Mother sending son off to school, wearing face masks, during pandemic.

What Will a New School Year in Quarantine Look Like?

As I round the corner of the last lap of the school year, I am reminded that in three short months, another school year begins. But we have no idea what that will look like.

There are possibilities floating around the internet everywhere. But it is just speculation. Daily changes occurring. I am not counting on my alone time coming back anytime soon.

I keep getting emails and messages that the teachers are missing all the kids’ voices and expressions. Are they lying? Are they laughing hysterically as they type out the words and hit send?

I know as I type back to the teachers “of course we are enjoying all the extra time together” I am actually gritting my teeth.

But this weekend, we have plans to sit back and enjoy each other and then next week trudge through the last 4 days of instruction.

I think I can…I think I can.

Quarantine Journal: End of Year Mixed Feelings
Little girl decorating her window with a rainbow to raise spirits during quarantine.

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home

How is your family handling your new normal?


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