We are living through a once in a lifetime experience, so I plan to document as much as possible in my stuck-at-home quarantine journal! Quarantine Journal: Selective Hearing

Quarantine Journal: Selective Hearing

Okay, so I already knew my husband has the whole selective hearing thing down, but I didn’t know that my 5-year-old was following in his footsteps. One of my guilty pleasures in life is horror movies. I love the so-called cheesy ones, and the new ones. One of the first movies I remember watching with my dad was a Freddy Krueger movie. Nightmare on Elm Street. No bedtime lullabies here.  So, when the kids have their downtime right now, I retreat to my room for what I now call “office time”. Find the horror category on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and try to forget whatever lessons we just trudged our way through. 

uarantine Journal: Selective Hearing

Silly Kid Sayings Add Some Fun to a Quarantine Journal

I must have asked my 5-year-old at least 6 times to take out his plate, close the iPad, put his shoes away (why the shoes were even out I have no clue, we can’t go anywhere), and get his ever loving finger out of his nose. By the 6th time of each request, he would just look at me like he seriously had no idea I have been shouting to the point that my forehead vein was about to burst. They both laughed hysterically as his dad got him ready for bed. Then came the dreaded words, “Go tell your mom what you just said.” That statement usually ends in me explaining why we don’t say certain words. 

uarantine Journal: Selective Hearing

Selective Memory is Its Own Pandemic

My sweet looking little boy comes through my bedroom door and says in a whispering high pitched voice, “cha cha cha, ha ha ha.” Just like the sounds played whenever Jason, of the Friday the 13th movies, enters the scene.  I look up to see my husband in the doorway.  “Explain to your mommy why you say that.” My son glanced up at me with his cute little eyes, and explained that he remembered me saying he couldn’t come in my room, because the scary Jason movie was on, and that sound meant he was coming. He clearly remembered this one warning, but he can’t keep his fingers out of his nose. Can I somehow count that as a homeschool music lesson for recognizing musical soundtracks? Quarantine Journal: Selective Hearing

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home During Lockdown 

What funny things have your kids said during quarantine? 

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