Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing, Quarantine Style

I have been trying to record all of my lockdown memories, both good and bad, in my Stuck-at-Home journal. This week, I’m Kondo-ing, quarantine style

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing, Quarantine Style

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing Quarantine Style

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I have been a huge fan of Marie Kondo for a long time.

Note for those who don’t know of Marie Kondo: She is an extremely calm and pleasant woman who helps people organize their house by getting rid of a very high percentage of their belongings (willingly). Her signature move when making a decision whether something should stay or go is to hold it and feel if it “brings you joy”.

Initially, years ago, Marie Kondo’s book was one of those Barnes & Noble bookstore impulse buys. You know, when you wander around the store like it is the library reading the backs of books, picking up bright covers and searching for just the right book.

Her book brought me joy.

And I threw away a few items.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing, Quarantine Style

Netflix and Organize

When her streaming series came out, I binged the whole thing in a handful of days.

Her show brought me joy.

And I threw away a few things.

When the voluntary quarantine was instituted 9 days ago, the thought of organizing the house was the last thing on my mind.

For about 32 minutes.

When I realized how small our house is with 5 people. And how we were tripping over each other…and junk.

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing, Quarantine Style

Out of necessity, I cleaned out several of the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. If you have ever felt bad about not keeping up with your pantry, let me make you feel better about yourself by admitting to finding several (not just one) bottles of BBQ sauce that expired in 2009.

That went so well, I went on to clean out my closet, the bathroom and parts of the mudroom.

My boys are all on alert that we will be tackling their rooms next.

Why has this situation created action when the loveliest, most gentle lady in the world could not?

Because I found a more effective question to ask when holding an item in question… Do you need it in a pandemic?

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Kondo-ing, Quarantine Style

Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home 

What projects are you working on around the house during lockdown? Comment below! 

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