She’s Losing It: Completion of Week 2

I have been too busy to post on my journey this past week!   Which is a good thing, I think.

I completed Week 2 – Yesterday, January 26th!   And, I survived.

Here is a quick rundown of my week:

Monday:   I actually got forced motivated enough by my husband to get up and go to the gym (on a holiday)!   I did about 20 minutes of walking/jogging on the treadmill and half an hour of different weight training.   I also had an appointment with Dr. Taylor


who is working on my back.   I have lived with aches and pains in my neck and lower back/hips.   He is working with me which is making a WORLD of difference as I start this training program.

Tuesday: No Work Out.   I spoke at the Tour 18 Women’s Club meeting – and did NOT eat as terribly as I really wanted to.   My good friend, Shelby, catered in Salerno’s & if you are local, you know how difficult it was for me to resist just sitting there and STUFFING my face for hours.

Wednesday: Work Out with Laci at 9am. Appointment with Dr. Taylor at 10am.   Did my first session in an Infrared Sauna at ProActiveWorX-   it rocks!   I will be giving you more details on it later because I think it is going to make a difference in my weightloss.

Thursday: No Work Out.   Thursday was not that great of a day for me.   I was pretty overwhelmed with work, kids, and life.   It is really tough to eat right when you are stressed!   I just wanted to drive through Sonic and scarf down my stress.   So, I did. Sorry Laci!

Friday: Work Out with Laci at 9am.   We mixed it up and did a boot camp style workout on Friday morning. We even ran around outside for a while.   My body had a bit of a culture shock with that!   I did another session in the Infrared Sauna.   (Sauna rhymes with Shauna, you know.)

As of Friday, my weight was down from 160lbs to 155lbs.   5 POUNDS, BABY!   Yay!

Stay tuned for a video blog later this week!


  1. Awesome. So sorry I couldn’t pig out with you on Tuesday…sounds like fun.

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