You Can Get A Pedal-Powered Forklift For Your Child That Actually Picks Stuff Up

If your kids are fans of construction vehicles, this Kids Pedal Powered Forklift is the perfect outside toy for the summer for them.

Modeled after the forklifts your kids know, love, and watch at Costco, this toy forklift can be ridden around like any other pedal car, but also features a working forklift aspect!

The front forklift piece actually operates lifting items, allowing your child to drive them around, and set them down in a different area.  It even includes a mini wooden pallet so that your child has the ability to place toys or other items onto the forks and move them around the house.

Your child can pedal backward or forward to make the forklift go in both directions. To pick items up, they can move the forks under that items, then rotate a lifter to lift up the forks and move the item around. To place the forks back down, they rotate the lifter in the opposite direction, set down the item, and pedal away.

The forklift also includes an adjustable seat to accommodate children of various heights and a working horn on the steering wheel so that your little construction worker can alert everyone to their movements.

The Kids Pedal Powered Forklift is recommended for children ages 3 and up, and is best for children under 55 inches tall. You can get one on Amazon Here.


  1. steve thomas says:

    would like to know more about the forkhoist and costs please

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi Steve! The product is linked in the post, and it should take you to more info! I hope that helps!

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