Free Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages to Download & Print

Kids Activities Blog is excited to present these Earth Day coloring pages for kids of all ages. 

Celebrating Earth Day together has such importance for our planet.  And the fun thing is kids love Earth Day and all it stands for as a global challenge that each of us can commit to every single day…not just once a year on Earth Day!

Free Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages for Kids - earth day coloring page pdf shown with crayons and markers
Let’s celebrate Mother Earth with some Earth Day coloring pages!

Earth Day Coloring Pages to Download & Print

Let’s celebrate Earth Day! It’s the perfect time to teach the kids about recycling, taking care of the earth, global warming and what earth day is all about.

Our FREE earth day printable can be download, printed, and colored.  This will be such a fun screen-free activity for the kids to do today and think more about the care of the earth.



Our Earth Day coloring pages set has 6 pages of earth-friendly fun.  You can print them all out or just by the page you want to color.  We suggest printing just what you are going to use…it is Earth Day afterall!

  • Friendly world coloring page:  A happy globe surrounded by space
  • Kid planting a tree:  Child with shovel digging in the dirt and planting a small tree
  • Kid recycling:  Child with a bottle in hand next to recycling bin
  • Outdoor adventure scene: A happy sun in a cloudy sky over snow-capped mountains and a lush mountain lake
  • Whale: Friendly whale spurting water and smiling
  • Kid cleaning up beach:  Child with rake pulling in beach trash next to the ocean under a cloud-filled sky 

Download & Print Earth Day Coloring Sheet Set Here

Coloring Earth Day Coloring Sheets

Get creative.  The world is a beautiful place.  Enjoy the greens of the mountains, the blues of the ocean, the bright colors everywhere around us.

Be inspired to keep the globe an amazing place for us all to live.

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Did your child enjoy coloring the Earth Day coloring pages?  Which page did you print first?


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