And we have found the stubbornness gene ¦

Folks, I have found the stubborn gene.

And it is located in Pop.

 And unlike the nice gene that Mama had called “caring” or “being nice.” I have gotten the stubbornness gene.

 Pop has home health care and is actually doing really well (enough that it has occurred to me that I could maybe take a little vacation?) but here is the latest thing that made me want to strangle him.
We went to see Dan, the cardiologist last week (Tuesday I believe). This week – that would be a whole week later for those of us, like Pop, that appear to be stoopid – he told me that he had had chest pains. For TWO days.
Did he tell me? Nope
Did he tell Dee (the home health nurse that has been coming to see him for 5 years)? Nope
Did he tell Dan? Nope
Why not Pop?

Well they might have put him in the hospital and he has decided he is never going to go to the hospital again.
And even though I don’t really drink anymore I remember when and why I did!

Oh he also informed me that there was no reason to worry about him falling ever again – he has learned how to fall. The man is freaking 90. He also plans on dying in 3 years of renal failure on the couch – watch him be right.

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