schoolDear Target,

In case your headquarters in Minneapolis have lost their corporate calendar, I felt the need to inform you that today happens to be July the 7th. Imagine my surprise when I entered your store this morning to discover the “Back-to-School” section is completely set up and ready for business.

Do not misunderstand me, I *heart* a fresh box of 24 crayons and a new bottle of glue more than the average consumer. In fact, I recently purchased five new boxes of crayons at another major retail store due to the fact they were on sale for 25 cents a box. However, I believe the beginning of July is a tad to early to start the whole “Back-to-School” shopping campaign. My children are just getting used to the idea of summer and lazy schedules. Temperatures are hitting triple digits on a regular basis. Please know that we are not ready to contemplate such concepts as “lunchboxes” or “fall jackets” at this date in time.

Although I am resistant to the idea of pushing “Back to School” shopping on your costumers in the middle of summer, please know that I am forced to partake in such shopping if I do not want to be left having to choose between the three lone (read: Tacky) backpacks that will be on the shelves when “Back to School” time actually arrives in our area (read: September). I know if I want a cute water bottle for my kids or a perky container of classroom Kleenex I will have to shop for such supplies this month. Then I will have to clean a space in my garage for said supplies to live for the next eight weeks until school actually begins.

At least I will have a space to store the Christmas junk that I will inadvertently purchase on September 17th when you place it on your shelves…

A Frustrated Target Shopper

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