Avengers Soap

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War this week, my kiddos are wanting to make all sorts of fun Avengers themed crafts. Our most recent creation being Avengers Soap that is totally easy and fun for bath time!

avengers soap

The thing I love about making homemade soap is that you can make all sorts of shapes, colors and add all sorts of things into the soap including different fragrances.

Over the years, my kids have learned how to make soap and look forward to our next creation.

The best part is, homemade melt and pour soap recipes (like this one) allow you to use the soap right away!

So, let’s make some fun Avengers Soap that allows your child to have an Avengers toy once they are done using the soap!

Avengers Soap

What you need to make Avengers Soap:

How to make Avengers Soap:

First, start by cutting your soap into small pieces using your soap cutter or knife. This helps the soap melt evenly while in the microwave. Place the pieces into your microwave safe measuring cup or bowl.

Now, prepare your soap mold. I like to place mine on a hard surface and sometimes the cutting board if needed so it will have a stable bottom (this allows it to harden evenly).

Take your rubbing alcohol and spray your Avengers toys liberally. Spraying the toys BEFORE you pour the melted soap onto them helps adhere the soap to the toys. Don’t skip this part!

Next, place your soap pieces it into the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir. You want to repeat this until all of the soap is melted. Note: Don’t try to melt it in increments longer than 30 seconds, it will cause hot spots in the soap where soap will burn while other pieces don’t melt and it will cause a hot mess.

Once melted, add your essential oil. You’ll want to use about 1-2 drops and stir it into the melted soap base.

Place your toys into the middle of your soap mold cavity. One toy per soap mold cavity.

Carefully pour the melted soap on top of the Avengers toys filling each soap mold cavity entirely. 

Note: If you are using lightweight toys or toys that are top heavy, you may need to use a spoon or stick to push them down into the soap until the soap begins to harden. This will help the toys fall to the bottom of the soap.

Finally, spray the tops of each cavity with the rubbing alcohol to remove any trapped air bubbles (helps the soap be more transparent).

Now is the hard part – you need to let the soap harden for several hours (minimum of 4 hours) but overnight is best. You want it to become as hard as possible so you can pop it out from the mold without breaking the soap.

Once hardened, gently pull the sides of the mold away from the soap and flip the mold over. Press gently on the backside of the mold and the soap will pop right out.

Your soap is ready for immediate use or you can store away for future use. You do need to cover the soap in a sealed baggie or use plastic wrap to keep it from air and moisture. 

Something SUPER IMPORTANT worth noting – never ever use fragrance oils unless they are skin safe. Pure grade essentials are fine to use in crafts like this.

However, there are some fragrance oils sold down candle isles at retailers like Walmart and these are NOT skin safe. They can cause chemical burns. So, please be careful and ensure you use 100% pure grade essential oils or skin safe fragrances. We highly recommend these essential oils.

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