Why Watching The Oscars With My Kid Is the Most Fun Ever

We always watch the Oscar’s together as a family. It’s a big thing for us, just because we LOVE movies and entertainment in our house, so it’s like the BIG NIGHT. 

The Oscars

We usually start the night with popcorn and Oscar predictions, and end up it cuddled up almost asleep waiting on the Best Picture announcement. 

popcorn outside

So what if it ends up being way past her bedtime. It’s a special moment for just us, and that’s what matters.

In my house, sometimes we break the rules for family time. It’s just one of those things we do. 

Remember, it’s all about seeing who is going to get played off with a song when their speech is way too long. (Spoiler alert: It’s almost everyone.)

And of course… it’s about the weird and crazy bits that the actors and actresses pull.

Because remember, these people love the spotlight. And so do we! It makes it way more fun to watch when you can laugh and love all the fun stuff. I love family friendly television, and the Oscar’s is no exception. 🙂


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