Play to Learn

The building blocks   of learning are literacy and basic math skills.   With these two mental tools our kids will be better able to use their curiosity about the world to help teach themselves and to figure out the connections around them!   Here are just a few of the learning activities we have amassed:


Letter Recognition, Site Words and Early Phonetic Reading Activities:

Phonics Flip Chart
Making and Dipping our Letters
Ways to Practice Letter Recognition
Ways to Practice Writing and Letter Recognition
Magnetic Site Words
Using Fortune Catcher to Make Words
Reading with Sticky Sticks
Reading with Sticky Sticks
Pattern Making & Cereal Bracelets
Learning to Measure with Gummy Worms
Learning to Graph with M&Ms
Earthquakes: Cause and Effect Activity
Learning Body Parts Through Tracing
Science Experiment: Cleaning Money

Early Online Reading Curriculum
Free Printable Learn-to-read Books

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