Animal Themed Learning Activities


  1. Sound charades.   What sounds do these animals make? (chicken, lion, horse, cow, frog, etc.)
  2. Pick a category (like animals or food), start with A, naming an animal with each letter of the alphabet and see how far you can get!
  3. Make a food chain.   What animals are typically eaten?   What things does it eat?   Your chain could look like: Man, cow, grass, etc.
  4. Play “what’s missing” with some animal toys   (… and maybe collect a bunch of your animal toys, count them, take one away and demonstrate basic subtraction.
  5. Play “I Spy” with one of the works of Charles Harper.
  6. Cut a bunch of triangles, squares and circles in a variety of colors and sizes.   Try to arrange them into the shape of an animal.
  7. Work on vocabulary, gross motor skills and following directions with animal motions: slither like a snake, stomp like an elephant, wriggle like an octopus, flap like a bird, waddle like a penguin, slink like a cat, etc.
  8. Create your own animal. Draw or cut and paste an animal using a compilation of parts. Based on his features where would this animal live? What would it eat? etc
  9. Go to the zoo (or make your own pretend zoo with the animals in your toy box).
  10. Go for a walk in a nature area and look for evidence of animals (tracks, scat, burrows, nests, chewed trees, feathers etc)
  11. Study one feature of various animals (coloring, feet, noses etc) to see how different features are help an animal survive/eat/move.   Example:   compare an anteaters nose to an elephant’s trunk and a dog’s nose.

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