Bubbles/Air Learning Activities

  1. Blow bubbles with soap mix.   Try to blow bubbles into a fan and see how far you can get them to go “ does it change if the fan is at low or high settings?   Watch bubbles combine and discuss molecules.   Can you catch bubbles with dry or wet hands.   Here are some more ideas.
  2. Pop bubble packing material (see if you can pop them in a rhythm)airtheme
  3. Make bubble paper art
  4. Turn a fan on high setting and watch feathers, scraps of paper, balloons, or ribbon fly in the air – see here.
  5. Sing into a fan – How does the wind change the sound of your voice?
  6. Time how long you can hold your breath
  7. Blow bubbles in milk
  8. Demonstrate mind mapping (make a map of the day or of favorite things/activities)
  9. Make/decorate Paper airplanes or helicopters
  10. Fly a kite (if you don't have one, make one out of a lunch sack or plastic bag – We love using the IKEA bags, big and bright)
  11. Blow up balloons… see who can blow them up faster.
  12. Practice using a straw and blowing through it to move items like a feather or tissue paper.   How about picking small items up with suction?
  13. Use an inflated balloon to “drive” a toy car.   See here for a demonstration.

more themes…

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