Using left over egg dye to create cards

We dyed our Easter eggs a few days ago, and had lost of leftover dye.

As our preschoolers love to paint, we decided to use a wide variety of dripping/spraying tools from paintbrushes that we flicked, old toothbrushes that we sprayed, straws that we used as droppers, and even a cotton ball that we used to smear the dye on papers for a unique splatter effect.

If you want to make the dye into finger-paint you could add a couple tablespoons of cornstarch to the dye. Warning, this activity does stain fingers/clothes.

After we had made our papers and let them dry, we cut them in half length-wise, like a hot dog (makes a card more interesting). We traced my youngest daughter’s hands (sorry no pictures, she fidgets a lot) and cut hand shapes out in bright colored papers.

Glue them together and viola! You have some springy cards – and some really, really blue hands.

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