Chili’s – Roanoke

I might have mentioned a few thousand times that I don’t really cook.

At all.

But, my husband and I aren’t big fans of taking all three boys to sit down restaurants.   There are only a handful of places I am even willing to try.   The boys are getting better at behaving in public, but they remain boys.

Quite honestly, we just like to eat in peace.

Anyway, we decided to venture out to Chili’s tonight because I had run out of easy to make meals at home.   I haven’t been to Chili’s in years.   And there is a relatively new, big, easy to get in/out of location near our home in Roanoke, Texas.

The boys were thrilled with the kid’s menu options.   They had multiple choice meals for $4.25 each.

The boys chose fried chicken with fries, chicken sandwich with cinnamon apples, pizza with cinnamon apples and my husband had the beef quesadillas.

I chose one of my favorite meals in the whole world…

Behold the sliders.

We started with the fried onions and jalapenos.

The onions were a big hit.   Rhett(4) said after eating about half of them, “I just can’t stop eating these!”

I kept eating the fried jalapenos through tears.

They were hot.

Very hot.

But a bit irresistible.

The total bill for 5 meals and an appetizer including upgraded drinks for the kids was $42.   I thought that was reasonable considering that we brought two boxes of food home.

The best part was that the restaurant is EXTREMELY kid friendly.   The casual atmosphere and friendly staff let us relax while eating out with our three boys.

Not something that often happens…

Chili’s provided a gift card for our meal through their marketing team.   No compensation was given for the writing or posting of this article.


  1. I am allergic to jalapenos. If I don’t eat too many I am fine, but the other day…I ordered this from Chili’s and you aren’t kidding when you say they are hot. I probably at about 12 and I am paying for it. They still haven’t left my system and it has been a week of whelps and itching.

    With all that aside – They were AWESOME!

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