Woven Thanksgiving Placemats

This post was updated for 2020 and while we are not longer partnered with Imperial sugar, we still adore this Thanksgiving craft.

Let your kids decorate the holiday table these Thanksgiving placemats. This a fun craft that will help them practice their fine motor skills and will help your child feel part of the celebration!

We are so excited to partner with Imperial Sugar to share this tutorial with you.

Woven Paper Placemats for Thanksgiving make such a cute placemat.

Thanksgiving Paper Placemats

This simple Thanksgiving craft is a great way to keep your little one busy. Not only will it keep them out of trouble while you’re cooking a great Thanksgiving dinner, but it’ll let them feel like they were part of the holiday.

Plus, let’s be honest, Thanksgiving can be messy because we all know kids, especially smaller ones, have a blast radius when they eat. So anything that can help minimize the mess is great in my book!

Woven Paper Placemats Thanksgiving Kids Craft

Sugar Glue

We used Imperials homemade sugar glue recipe for tons of crafts — I like that it a simple recipe that I can use when we want to craft on short notice. For the full recipe for the sugar glue, you can find it here

You will also find the full supply list there too.

Putting The Thanksgiving Placemat Together

  1. Once you have your construction paper, cut them into strips.
  2. Then mark your paper about an inch apart and put slits in the paper.
  3. Weave the paper in the slits, alternating color.
  4. Once all the paper is weaved in, glue the ends using the sugar glue.
  5. Then make some pretty leaves and decorations out of construction paper.
  6. Glue them on with the sugar glue mixture.
  7. Allow to dry and then you’re done! Homemade Thanksgiving placemats!

Unfortunately these paper placemats are a one time use, but you could easily make the again and again for other Thanksgivings.

Click here to get the full instructions!

Looking For More Thanksgiving Crafts?

Looking for a craft that is a little less involved? Something that doesn’t require adult supervision? Then you will love these Happy Thanksgiving coloring pages.

We also have these free printable placemat patterns that are not only great coloring sheets, but your child can write in what they are thankful for.

We have plenty of other Thanksgiving ideas for the whole family as well!

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