I saw a breathtaking scene this morning…about 50 women were walking down our road, all dressed in black, carrying crosses and branches, singing praise to God.   These women were headed downtown to join other women in a march through our city to the Governor’s palace.   They are doing so as a sign to the government that something must be done to bring peace to our city. They were marching in mourning and remembrance for those who have died this year, especially the women and children who were brutally killed on Saturday in three villages outside of town. I wanted to cheer for them, for their courage and strength to walk and to stand up for their faith.   I wanted to tell them, “well done” and thank you. I wanted to join with them, to march side by side in encouragement. But all I could do was watch, smile, and greet them. We don’t know what today will bring.   The march is to be a peaceful demonstration, but will it be?   Will it be peaceful?   We can only pray that it will. So today, if you would, say a prayer for the city of Jos, for the people who are living in tension and uncertainty, for those who only want to see peace and calm return to their city.

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