Baby Won’t Wake Up Until Dad Starts Reciting Her Favorite Show

Update: This article originally had a YouTube video embedded with this story.  The video is no longer available on YouTube and we have edited this article to remove the video and try and tell the complete story :).  It is super cute.

A lot of times when we have a new baby, we try to do absolutely everything possible to keep them from waking up.

But sometimes we need them to wake up.

Some kids are such sound sleepers that no matter what we do, they seem to sleep right through it. That’s exactly the case with little Peyton here.

sleeeping baby who won't wake up
Oh sweet sleeping baby!

Peyton’s daddy is ready for her to get up, and he’s willing to do anything possible to shake her out of her sleepy state.

He starts by gently whispering in her ear to wake up…then not as gently.

And after a while it seems like she’s ALMOST ready to get up, but instead she knocks right back out.

That’s when dad has the ingenious plan of reciting the opening to her favorite show. 

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