Crazy Chicken Gets Not 1, But 2 Slices Of Bread Stuck Around Neck [Video]

Any parent who has a kid who hates crusts is going to love this video.

Not because this chicken doesn’t love crusts, but because we’ve always wondered what happens with all those spare crusts.

Chicken Gets Two Pieces of Bread Stuck Video - Kids Activities Blog
Oh you silly chicken!



Just me?

Okay, so truthfully, this just made me laugh, like, a lot.

Like the kind of laugh where my kids are staring at me and then I have to call them over to show them what I’m laughing at.

And then they were laughing.

This chicken is eating a piece of bread and after he’s eaten the entire middle, he somehow works the piece of bread over his head and around his neck.

And that’s funny.

And leaves me with SO many questions.

But, then, when you get done snickering at that, he does it a SECOND time. And it becomes very clear from the laughter in the background that this is not the first time this chicken has opted to wear bread crusts as jewelry.

Take a look!

Stupid Chicken Video

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