Little Girl Denies Eating Donuts, Even Though The Evidence Is All Over Her Face

Little Emery has a long way to go before she learns how to lie like a champ. And thank goodness! We don’t want our kids to be able to lie, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to stay out of trouble, either. Thing is, though, mom caught Emery in the middle of a lie and it was one she had a hard time denying…mostly because the evidence was smeared all over her face…

It all started when mom was in the bathroom and had to leave Emery alone for a few moments. When mom came out, she knew exactly what happened, but she wanted to give her little one a chance to admit to her mistakes. “Emery, while I was in the bathroom, did you eat any more white donuts?”

Of course, Emery denies the accusations, and says that her face is white because there are ‘spots on her face’. Mom isn’t giving up so easily, though. She presses on, asking again and you can tell from the way the little girl is answering that she’s starting to crack under the pressure…

Finally, she fesses up and mom asks her not to do it again, and, of course, Emery agrees. But then mom asks how many Emery ate and the answer made them both laugh…

I guess if you’re going to get in trouble for eating donuts, you should make it the biggest trouble you can think of! Take a look!

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