Hilariously Photogenic Dog Loves To Smile On Command

Some dogs are funnier than others. Way funnier. Most dogs want to do whatever we ask of them, but some go above and beyond to make us happy. Like this dog, Reggie, for instance. A Spaniel, Reggie would do anything his people ask of him…and they ask him to do this one thing that is insanely funny, and probably insanely confusing to Reggie. Still, he does what he can for his people, so he complies happily. See, Reggie has learned to smile on comment. Not the goofy, derpy puppy dog smiles, though. Oh, no. We’re talking full-on cheesy grin, teeth and all. And his people can’t get enough of it, and Reggie can’t get enough of his people, so he just smiles away. Take a look!

Yes, it looks more like a grimace or a snarl than a smile, but the family has him do it over and over and his little tail is a-waggin’ away the entire time. Reggie might not understand WHY they want him to do this, but the happy pup is more willing to make it happen.

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