Mom And Doctors Stunned By Birth Of 13-Pound, 5-Ounce Baby Girl

Can you imagine giving birth to an infant the size of a toddler? One mom from Keystone Heights, FL doesn’t have to imagine, because she lived it! Chrissy Corbitt knew she was in for an unusual pregnancy when her baby bump kept growing, and growing and growing, but doctors assured her she was only carrying one.

“She just felt so heavy inside of me, it was horrible,” mom said during an interview with Inside Edition. Even the doctors were stunned. As they pulled the baby out of Chrissy, all the doctors could talk about was how they thought the baby would never end.

Carleigh Brooke Corbitt entered the world in June 2017 weighing an astonishing 13 pounds and five ounces. None of the diapers the nurses had in the nursery would fit the newborn, so they had to find toddler diapers.

None of the clothes the couple bought for the baby would fit, either. They had to go out and buy clothes meant for a nine-month-old for their big bundle of joy.

Dad, Larry, has nothing but praise for his wife and how she managed to make it through such a taxing pregnancy. The couple share four other children, and though Carleigh was definitely the biggest (and a record breaker, at that), she is still just as precious as can be.

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