Mom’s Hilarious First Day Of School Facebook Photo Is All Of Us

It seems like every year school starts sooner than it did the year before. And while some of us are reluctant to see our babies get back on that big yellow bus, some of us are more than happy to see them hit the road. This mom? Definitely falls into that second category. After a summer of bickering, fighting, fussing, and asking mom to referee every single little bitty disagreement, this mom decided she’d post a back to school photo to rule them all. Not only was she glad to see them go, but this is the first year all THREE of her spawn are out of the house at the same time! With the help of her hubby, and some not-so-reluctant younger participants, mom dove into the pool and said, “Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance” to her school-bound brood. Take a look!

Truth is, I’m sure this mama misses her kiddo’s as much as the rest of us, but when you’ve got one shot to take the mother of all back to school photos, you take it. And, Mama, you Definitely made your shot count!

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