Swirled Crayon Hearts

rainbow swirl crayons
Nicholas and his friend had fun making Valentine’s swirl crayons.
They started by getting out some old broken crayons and separating them by color.

Then they each took crayon pieces and filled their heart molds.

I can’t believe the boys were so excited about this project that they actually sat still and worked together so nicely as they picked just the right color combinations for their new crayons.   Here are the molds just before we melted the crayons.

I put the molds in the oven at 250 degrees to let the crayons melt. It only took about 8-10.

We let them cool completely before trying to remove them from the molds.

Flexible molds are great for this because you can just turn them over and press the crayon out from the back.

I love these cool swirl colored heart crayons.

Nicholas thinks this would be a fun gift for his school friends instead of the regular little paper Valentine’s that they usually exchange. They could even be made with your child’s school colors.   Fun!

I like this project because I got rid of a bunch of old broken crayons that weren’t getting used anyway.

But I will have to find some new molds if we are going to make more of these. I just bought these heart molds at Target in their dollar section. I thought they were silicone baking molds but I admit that I don’t recall actually reading the label on them.

I would now bet that they aren’t intended for the oven. By the time I took them out the sides of the molds were starting to droop as if they were melting! Ooops! I bet they were really ice cube trays!!!

Oh well.

Be sure to look for real silicone molds – which probably won’t be found in the dollar section.

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