Remember when you were little and the world was your stage? No? Me, either. Though, my family has videos of it to prove that at one point I truly was a ‘wild child’ who would break out into dance, literally, whenever the music hit. Not so much anymore. I don’t know when we stop dancing, but at some point we all seems to stop. Well, this little boy isn’t there yet and once the halftime music comes on, he can’t wait to show off his groove-thang like a PRO! Showing all the gusto of a professional, this little kid breaks out into an epic dance number and not even the preacher from Footloose could stop him! Take a look!

I might not remember when I was this wild and free, but I’m loving this little boy’s free spirit! I hope he never loses the groove and I think maybe we should all be just a little more like him!

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