With both parents close at hand, this tiny tot shows that it doesn’t take being a ‘big kid’ to do brave and exciting things! This little baby has figured out how to jump on the trampoline, well, rebounder, and he doesn’t want to get off! With dad recording and mom sitting close by, this tiny cutie pie climbs up on the canvas and quickly starts bouncing away – he’s definitely done this before. Without even the aid of the grab bar, this little guy bounces so high that his entire body leaves the toy. Thank goodness mom and dad are both there to watch! Take a look!

This is definitely a whole new spin on ‘bouncing baby boy’! His dad even comments, “This is like crack,” about how addicted this little one is to jumping. I’m guessing mom and dad have to put up the toy anytime they aren’t close by, because from the looks of things, this little one isn’t waiting for ANYONE to show him the way! What a funny baby!

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