Weddings are stressful enough, but to be fighting cancer while planning your big day is something no bride should have to experience. Still, this one not only decided to fight cancer while planning her wedding, but decided to throw away her own preconceptions of what she should look like on her wedding day by tossing the wig with her bouquet! You’re going to love this beautiful moment a brave bride with cancer throws her wig before flinging a bouquet at her wedding reception. Courageous Jamie Steinborn decided to own her 16-month-long battle with cervical cancer surrounded on May 12 as she wed fiancé John Stephenson. With bridesmaids and female friends queuing expectantly behind her at the Firefly Gardens in Midlothian, Texas, the blushing bride counts down from three. Pulling the old bait and switch, Jamie slings her wig high into the air to stunned cheers before tossing the floral arrangement. Take a look!

While no one in the crowd expected her to do that, from the sound of their roaring cheers, they are all super proud of her bravery! Definitely a fantastic way to start her new life!

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