Little Girl Runs Away When She Sees Dad Beardless For The First Time Ever

Change is hard. Especially when you don’t know it’s coming. This is the hilarious moment an adorable toddler doesn’t recognize her own dad as she sees him clean shaven for the very first time. At home in Dover Plains, New York, Arya Zeller is in for a big surprise as she bounds towards her dad, Joe, who has half of his face submerged beneath a blanket. Known for his ever-present facial hair, the three-year-old is left shell-shocked when she pulls back the covers to find her father’s beard has disappeared, who she no longer recognises as her own dad. Staring back at the familiar looking ‘stranger’, Arya looks down to see if maybe his beard had fallen off, but she soon determines this cannot be her beloved bearded dad and instead hilariously runs out the room crying ‘no, no, no.’ Watching on in hysterics, mom Krystin, said, “It was so incredibly funny to watch.” Take a look!

Don’t worry, Arya, it’s hair…it’ll grow back.

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