This is the adorable moment a soldier surprises his mom and wife by returning home after six months away, as they sleep in their beds.  As she lay asleep at home in Phoenix, Arizona, Laura Haro awakes to something she can only presume to be a dream, as her son, Arturo, appears to be standing before her. After a few moments of vacantly staring at the uniformed figure before asking ‘what’s the time?’, suddenly the mother-of-five realises that this is in fact reality, as she wraps her arms firmly around Arturo, pulling him in tight.  Tip-toeing through the darkness, Private Arturo’s attention then turns to his wife, Yareli, as he leaps onto her bed and the duo lock into a silent, emotional embrace, leaving not a single dry-eye in the room. Take a look! I’ve seen a lot of reunion videos, but this is probably the sweetest I’ve ever seen. I love that he’s surprising his family by being the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning. Definitely a dream come true!

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