Daughter Surprises Mom With Pregnancy News By Leaving A Bun In The Oven…

The pressure to have a baby after getting married is a lot for some couples. With grandparents watching their every move, it’s like the wedding was only a precursor for the big show: that pregnancy announcement. And if that announcement takes a while to come, the pressure just gets bigger and bigger until everyone feels like they might pop. Well, after months of pressure from this grandmother, when daughter found out she was pregnant, she decided to tell her about it in a truly adorable way. The best part is it takes grandma-to-be a second to figure out what’s happening. No, actually, I think the best part is what happens after she figures it out. Take a look!

How adorable is she? Sure, she might have put a lot of pressure on them to get pregnant, but with that kind of excitement I’m guessing that little baby is going to be the most doted on baby ever.

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