Timelapse Pregnancy Shows Mom Growing As The Room Around Her Changes…

Pregnancy is a big deal to us, but it’s also a big deal to our animals. Especially with the first child, our animals have no idea what’s going on or what’s about to happen. As this couple films their pregnancy timelapse, Chester the dog watches on to see what changes are happening to his owner. At first they seem in agreement, with Chester shaking her hand before any big changes happen to her, or the room, but pretty quickly we see her start to grow and Chester kind of start to wonder what in the heck is going on. Take a look!

Don’t worry, Chester, even though everything has changed, it’s going to be great for you! Your new playmate is going to be a blast…well, in a while. And until then I’m sure you’ll watch over him and make sure he’s growing as well outside of the womb as he grew inside. Keep being a good boy, Chester. You’ve got a whole new person to look after now!

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