Being creative when you reveal your pregnancy seems to be all the rage these past couple of years. Couples have even kept the gender a secret by asking the OB to put the gender in an envelope, so that everyone can be surprised by it, themselves included. Bakeries have been baking cakes that were blue or pink only on the inside and balloon companies have been packing blue or pink balloons in gender reveal boxes to stun everyone present. This is the hilarious moment a granny fails to understand her daughter’s creative pregnancy reveal. Ashley Embry, 34, from Nashville, Tennessee, was just 11 weeks pregnant when she came up with a clever way to surprise her mom with the news. The music publisher and author decided to create her own cards for a game called Mad Gab – whereby each card has a string of words that don’t make sense together but when spoken aloud sound different. The hilarious video shows Wendy Hertzog, 63, saying ‘eye mag own abbey aground mow there’ which becomes ‘I’m gonna be a grandmother.’ But unfortunately for Wendy, it took more than just a few attempts before she grasped the meaning of the words. Take a look!

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