Most Kids Fight Their First Haircut, This Little Boy Fell Asleep!

This is the adorable moment a toddler falls fast asleep during his very first haircut. As carefree Christian Montes sat in a booster seat in a Coral Springs, Florida, he showed no sign of the usual nerves shown by children before their first snip. With fingers placed firmly in his mouth, the chilled out two-year-old ignored the scissors chipping away at his untrimmed locks mere inches from his eyes. Having unsuccessfully fought off slumber, Christian finally drifts off to sleep as the hairdresser runs her fingers through his hair and mom Nisely watches from nearby. Take a look!

Who knows what tuckered this kiddo out before the cut, but I personally think mom should let us ALL know. I think most parents would be more than happy to have their kiddo sleep through that cut, rather than the fight we normally face. From the looks of it, though, this hairdresser probably had a few tricks up her sleeve, too. Whatever magic took place to bring about such a peaceful cut, let’s hope it’s a sign of what’s to come and not a one time illusion!

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