Beautiful Little Girl Sheds Her Skin Daily Due To Rare Disease

Meet the little girl who sheds her entire skin every day due to a rare condition that makes it grow faster than normal. Adorable Hanna Barrott, 6, from Ooltewah in Tennessee, has lamellar ichthyosis – a genetic skin disorder that makes the skin cells rapidly generate and shed. She was diagnosed with the condition that affects more than 600,000 worldwide, after being born with a thick white layer of skin, called ‘collodion membrane’, covering her body. Due to her condition her skin grows faster than a healthy person, frequently causing it to peel off her entire body. To combat her dry skin, she undergoes a twice daily lotion routine to prevent it from cracking, bleeding and getting potentially-fatal infections. Take a look!

Despite her visible difference in appearance, Hanna is just like every other kid – curious, happy, a prankster, and definitely quick to smile. She may look different than a lot of kids her age, but that doesn’t mean the world isn’t hers to conquer. Best wishes to Hanna as she continues to grow!

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