Amazing Surprise Storybook Proposal Leaves Bride-To-Be In Tears

A doting boyfriend came up with a super cute story book proposal for his primary school teacher girlfriend – and caught the whole thing on camera. Romantic Eric Hernandez, from Canoga Park in California, was desperate to dream up an inventive way to ask his girlfriend, Melanie Goldsmith, to marry him. Being a school teacher with a huge love of books he decided to write and illustrate a children’s story book, featuring two bunny rabbits and telling the tale of their life together so far. Eric spent months creating the book and even masterminded a way to get Melanie to read it out loud – getting her fellow teachers in on the act to pretend it was an exercise during a meeting at the school. With Eric waiting in the wings, the footage shows an emotional Melanie reading the book as she realises what is about to happen. Take a look!

Definitely a dream proposal in my book, and I’m certain these two will live happily ever after. Congratulations!

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