It’s been a decade since Anna Nicole Smith passed away, and while many of us have moved past the drama that was her life, it’s hard to forget the custody battle of her young daughter in her death. We’ve moved forward, but for ten-year-old DaniLynn, not a day goes by where she doesn’t think of the mother she’ll never know. With all of the drama surrounding her custody, it was hard to imagine a world in which this little girl would have a happy life, but it turns out the two men who thought they were dad actually both wanted the best for this little one and are working together to make sure she has the balanced childhood she deserves. Take a look! While Anna Nicole Smith lived in the public eye, DaniLynn has stayed out of the spotlight, in big part because of her dad, Larry Birkhead. No child should lose a parent at such a young age, but thankfully Danilynn has a dad who is more than happy to give her the world…and keep her out of the public eye.

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