Boy Thinks Dad Forgot His Birthday, Gets Major Surprise Instead!

Birthdays are a big deal, and to kids birthdays are huge. Every year represents a new milestone, a bridge they’ve crossed. So the idea that a parent might forget their child’s birthday is almost unthinkable, and for this little boy was definitely a huge disappointment. When this kiddo thought his dad forgot his birthday, he couldn’t figure out how to forgive them. As the two head out to a baseball game, he sulks to the SUV and slumps in the seat. At some point before the video he must have accused his dad of forgetting because dad asks, “You still mad at me?” And yes, of course he is! But dad pushes even further by asking the kiddo to get something out of the trunk before they head out, and that’s when the waterworks really start. Take a look!

From the way this kid reacts, this is the only thing he really wanted for his birthday, and he can’t believe that dad got it for him. More than that, he can’t believe dad tricked him. And dad? Yeah, once the little starts to cry, they both cry. Definitely one of the sweetest birthday surprises ever!

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