These Neglected Ducks Get Their First Swim In A Pond!

As an animal lover, it’s hard for me to hear stories of animals who have been neglected or abused. The idea that any animal could be treated cruelly is painful. But equally, once I see those animals receive the live they’ve deserved all along, I can’t contain my excitement. These ducks are a prime example of that. After years of neglect, these ducks have never actually seen water, or had a chance to swim. And that’s kinda the thing ducks are known for. So when they’re finally set free in a pond for the first time, at first they don’t know quite what to do. Most, in fact, fight it. They don’t want to know what this new thing is. But then all it takes is one brave duck to get the ball rolling, splash around a little, see what this is about, and the rest join in. Take a look!

It’s pretty amazing to see these ducks go from being terrified of the water, to instinctually knowing this is where they were meant to be all along so quickly. It’s as if their past rolls away like, well, like water off their back.

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