We have all done it before. Whether it was to save yourself or to not make someone feel bad, we have all lied before. Some lies are better or worse than others but in this little girls eyes, they are all bad. The little girl is named JoJo and as you can clearly see from this clip, her parents have taught her well. Watch along as she explains all that is wrong with lying and why you should not do it. This is one adorable clip that you are not going to want to miss! Take a look! Isn’t this little girl adorable? It really does seem that she was raised right as she clearly knows why lying is bad. Her explanation is hilarious! We could all learn a thing or two about lying from this little girl, that it is wrong and we should not do it! Although a little white lie won’t hurt now and again as long as it is to spare someones feelings. None the less it should not be done. This is one adorable clip that you will surely remember for a long time!

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