Toddler Is Expert At Fake Falling!

Stuntmen of the world: you’re on notice! In about 20 years or so this little guy is going to come and take your job. With his family pretending the carpet is water, this tiny daredevil leaps from a high platform, floats through the air, and lands with a huge SPLASH into the pool of water below! With sound effects, motions, and everything, baby Evel Knievel here enacts an entire scene and is more than happy to take requests as to what he should do next! Take a look!

Standing on a platform that’s almost half his own body height, this little guy shows absolutely no fear as he fake falls his way into our hearts. Like I said, future stuntman? Definitely. American Ninja Warrior? Probably. Adorable toddler who couldn’t look cuter if he tried? Yeah, that, too.

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