Trying to get our kids to eat healthy isn’t the easiest thing as a parent. So, we limit the snacks in the house, try to convince them to eat more fruits and vegetables, and prepare healthy meals in an attempt to help them grow up big and strong. But what if all that healthy eating is met with absolute distain on the part of kids? Yeah, sometimes we face kids who are picky eaters and won’t eat anything other than chicken nuggets or hot dogs, but what if they’re old enough to be past the picky eating stage and, as a family, we want to make a drastic eating change? These parents tried telling their kids they were going vegan, and, well, the kids didn’t take it so well. Apparently meat is a big deal to them…especially the youngest. Take a look! I get wanting to eat healthier, and definitely understand the desire to go vegan, but I’m thinking mom and dad might have wanted to take this change in baby steps. Then again, sometimes the best thing is to dive right in. Hopefully these kids will adjust to their new life quickly and all the dramatics will be a memory.

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