Post-partum depression is something a lot of us go through, but not many of us talk about. Which makes dealing with it all the more difficult. If we tell our doctors we’re going through it, they have a lot of advice, but sometimes even telling them can make us feel like we’re somehow failing as a new parent. And that’s not fair. There are so many emotional, hormonal, and physical changes that happen right after giving birth, that no mom should have to face post-partum depression by herself. More than that, it’s something we should definitely talk about. This mom decided to do just that. In trying to cope with her post-partum depression, this mom decided to create an exercise plan that included her children in hopes that it would help raise her hormone levels and help her through the worst of it. And it seemed to work! Take a look! I don’t know if her plan is the best plan for everyone, but if exercise is something your doctor recommends as part of your plan for coping with ppd, hopefully this mom will inspire you and help you get started on your road to feeling better.

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