Viral Video Of Little Girl Telling The World, “There’s Nothing Scary About Down Syndrome”

In general, people are scared of things and people who are different than themselves. This isn’t anything new. What is new is the idea that while people are different, we are also all very much the same. And there is no reason to be scared of someone who doesn’t look, act, or sound like yourself. Take this little girl. Born in the Ukraine, she was adopted into a loving family filled with older brothers and parents who adore her. She also has down syndrome…just like her older brother. While she experiences the world just a little differently, maybe even at a slower pace than some of us, she knows that her life is amazing, and there is nothing scary about living with down syndrome. And she wants the world to know that, too. Take a look!

With amazing kids like this out there, I imagine a world much different than the one I grew up in. I hope she truly does change the way people see down syndrome. I hope she’s able to keep that bright spirit, and I’m confident she’s going to live her life on her terms.

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